Lycette Care Complaints Policy


Policy Statement

Lycette Care believes that every member of staff and service users in a Lycette Care establishment has the right to complain and have their complaint investigated.

Aim of the Policy Statement

Complaints are about quality and should be welcomed and recognised as part of the process of continued improvement which enhances the quality of our service.

Management information gained from the investigations of complaints can help identify problems and enable changes to be made which will benefit everyone within the service.

Our procedure is founded on the principle of accountability, our response to a criticism or complaint must be accessible, thorough, informed, timely and courteous.

If you are complaining about one of our registered establishments, you can, should you wish to do so, complain directly to CQC. They have an online reporting form which can be found here:


Stage 1

Management welcomes complaints and views them as a positive part of a quality assurance programme.

All complaints verbal or written should be recorded in the daybook at the time of receipt, stating the nature of the complaint only.

Management will record the progress of each complaint in a specific complaints folder.

We provide complaints forms that are available for you.

Should Service Users wish we also have a suggestions box in each establishment.

All efforts should be made to assist a complainant in resolving the complaint informally.

Informal complaints should be talked over with the management, the complainer and the staff they complained to in the first place, if applicable.

If appropriate, outcomes and any changes to working practices should be instigated as soon as informal investigations are completed.

Stage 2

If the complaint is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant at stage one, the complaint should be put in writing within 7 working days after the response and signed by the complainant. This may be done by the person themselves or by someone acting on their behalf and should be given to the management. The complaint will be acknowledged within 3 working days. The complaint will be fully investigated as a matter of urgency. A verbal response will be given if appropriate. In all cases, this will be followed up in writing, within 20 working days of the management receiving the complaint form.

Stage 3

Appeals against the response at stage 2 will be accepted within 14 working days of the decision.

Guidance Notes

Each complaint must be thoroughly investigated.

It is useful to clarify with the complainant, the outcome he/she is looking for and check that the matter relates directly to Lycette Care services.

If original timescale cannot be met for any reason, then a new time scale must be established with the complainant, and all interested parties informed of the revisions.

An advocate or supporter may accompany a complainant.

Make appointments to interview the complainant and witnesses.

Seek clarifications from previous witnesses if contradictory statements are made. Written notes of further interviews must be taken and signed.