Philosophy of Care


Lycette Care began life over 20 years ago, providing high quality support services for adults in North Devon with mental health problems and alcohol and drug related challenges. Over the years the company has expanded to include residential care homes, autism specific services and supported living. However, our core commitment remains to provide a very high quality service for the people who use our services.

Here’s our full philosophy of care - values we abide and live by in our work:

We believe that every adult is an individual and deserves to be treated as such.

We believe that everyone has a right to a life that is valued, meaningful and has a purpose.

We believe that everyone should have access to a good circle of social support, meaningful, appropriate occupation, and valued friendships.

We will always promote independence.

The needs of Service Users will remain our highest priority.

We will respect the wishes and feelings of Service Users and their families.

We will strive to ensure that no Service User comes to harm through any of our practices.

We will respect the right to privacy, dignity and the right to freedom of choice and risk taking.

We will ensure that we comply with all regulations and contractual obligations.


We are transparent in our dealings with each other, service users, relatives, advocates and significant others.

By accepting our own limitations we are able to develop as a business and to learn from our past experiences.

We treat all complaints or suggestions seriously and welcome the opportunity to examine our working practices.

We are accountable for all that we do.

We are responsible for our actions and the actions of our staff.

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